Illustrated, bespoke calendar for Habari Media highlighting twelve industry leaders in the media industry. The concept “Geek Gods” played on the god-like talents that each individual has, showing up their prowess and intelligence in the form of a Greek God, deifying their position in the media industry.  
The calendar itself includes an accurate lunar calendar (Greek calendars are developed around lunar calendars) and is constructed with reference to a sun dial. The dial is intended to be used as a marker for each date which can be moved around  manually.
The Calendar is encapsulated within an engraved Perspex plates that emulate the stone engravings of Greek tablets while the individual month cards were letterpressed to mimicking greek relief sculture. The illustration style is inspired by the flat, graphic artwork of ancient greek art works, of which many were representative of deities, gods and goddesses. 
Illustrations done by myself and Andrew Ringrose.
Various Month Cards- illustrated by Dani Loureiro and Andrew Ringrose

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