Patron is produced with unparalleled attention to detail. It is made from the highest-quality, finest Weber Blue Agave, grown in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. The master distiller continues to follow a recipe that is a century old. Every bottle is handmade and unique, and over the entire process, 60 hands touch each bottle.
The direct mail piece created for Patron comprised of two boxes, one for Patron XO Dark Cocoa bottle and one for Patron Silver. Using the finest ingredients, we created parallel products to be enjoyed with the Patron – raw, organic chocolate and handmade cocktails. We included the raw ingredients to make the chocolate and cocktails to highlight to the user the handmade process which is involved in every aspect of the making of Patron. The recipients were therefore given the opportunity to enjoy the experience of making chocolate from scratch as well as the interesting process of mixing fine ingredients to create cocktails. Here, the craftsmanship of Patron, the craftsmanship of Honest Chocolate – our collaborative brand – and the craftsmanship of cocktail mixology was brought together to signify an attention to detail that all too often, is lost to a busy, fast, instant world.
In making these packs we used only handcrafted manufacturing- the boxes were made by hand, the printed material was letterpressed, the chocolate trays were crafted from a single sheet of tin and even the metal cocktail stir sticks were fashioned by hand. 
XO Dark Cocoa
The Blue Weber Agave, the best agave plant in Mexico, is the main ingredient used in Patron XO Café Dark and Honest Chocolate. Creating a link between the two, we created an Honest Chocolate-making kit in the box. The pack included the finest ingredients (raw cocoa, cocoa butter, agave) – as well as a molding tray, instructions, and a beautifully written and designed booklet about both the ingredients used in making Patron tequila, and the fine ingredients used to make raw chocolate.
Letterpressed chocolate recipe cards
Letterpressed chocolate wrapper
Patron Silver
The Master Distiller of Patron, Francisco Alkaraz, has complete creative control over the flavour and experience of Patron tequila. Taking this as a cue in the consumer experience, as well as the fact that Patron Silver is popularly used as a mixer, we created an opportunity for the recipients of the box to experiment with flavours by providing exotic ingredients, obscure but interesting cocktail recipes and the tools to make them with, thus likening the cocktail experiment to the experience of a master distiller. The ingredients and instructions were letter-pressed, embossed and printed on beautifully hand-made paper.

Cocktail Recipe Booklet

Agave and red peppercorns- cocktail ingredients

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