​​​​​​​Singita is an exclusive, luxury safari company with 13 exclusive lodges in 4 countries in Africa. Not only do they set the bench mark for high design and tailored guest experiences, but they have on numerous occasions been voted in the top 10 in the “Best Hotel in the World” by the esteemed Conde Nast Travel + Leisure Magazine.
In 2015 Singita shifted their company focus from being primarily a hospitality company, to becoming a conservation company supported by hospitality. Singita came to us looking for a brand strategy and design refresh that brought their messaging inline with this new shift.


Agency: Publicis Machine
Creative Director: Dani Loureiro
Design: Dani Loureiro, Kate Witney
Illustration: Dani Loureiro, Kate Witney
Lodge Photography: Adriaan Louw

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