Packaging design for Vida Ø Muerte Tequila.  The tequila was launched in partnership with the NGO Arrive Alive- a non-profit organization dedicated to lobbying for safer drivers and safer roads.

Drawing a parallel to the Mexican rodeo- a thrilling but life-threatening sport- Vida o Muerte Tequila tells a story of the thrills and the perils of ‘the wild ride’

The Duality of Life and Death
Using UV ink the darker side of the wild ride is revealed, highlighting the dangers of drinking and driving.
As a part of the product launch, Vida o Muerte teamed up with three local influencers to promote the tequila while also encouraging the public to take a pledge to not drink and drive.
Paying homage to the tradition of Mexican prayer candles, the influencers were immortalized as shot-glass votives- highlighting how quickly one wild ride can become your last.

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