Habari Media is Africa’s biggest online media sales house. Each year they send out a calendar that not only functions as a media rate card, but also a showcase of the rising stars in the online industry. For 2012 we came up with “Digital Heroes”, a desk top calendar highlighting the way these people are winning in the digital and media landscape around them.
Each month was inspired by a different arcade/ 8-bit video game featuring a prominent player in the digital arena as the hero of the game. We asked the individual people a variety of questions and incorporated their answers into the illustration of the game environments,  showcasing our heroes in a personalized digital world
The calendars box/ game console was delivered containing a set of 12 month background inserts cards that slide into the side of the box to change to the 'screen' of the game. The pop-out Heroes and Enemies for each month were provided in die-cut card format that, once popped-out, are inserted into a die cut stage in front of the screen. 
Character Illustrations by Emma Cook
Individual month-specific backgrounds, each illustrated in the theme of one of the featured video games

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