​​​​​​​I worked with Singita on refreshing their brand identity and redesigning the collateral for their 12 lodges across Africa.  We followed Singita's design lead of moving away from enclosed, over designed spaces to uncluttered, open areas that allow the guests to feel a part of the natural environment. We reflected this in the design by using clean, utilitarian fonts and created CI rules that were subtly designed and minimal. We then evaluated each piece of collateral by its function and interaction with guests and simplified the design of functional pieces like indemnity forms and laundry lists, while focusing on the key interaction pieces like welcome and departure cards. The functional collateral uses one design across all lodges while the key collateral pieces were designed in the aesthetic style of each lodge- bringing personality and thoughtfulness to the guest's experience. 

This collection showcase the collateral from the Singita lodges in Tanzania


Agency: Publicis Machine
Creative Director: Dani Loureiro
Design: Dani Loureiro, Kate Witney
Illustration: Dani Loureiro, Kate Witney
Lodge Photography: Adriaan Louw

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